Verne Plotsky (black_starlight) wrote,
Verne Plotsky

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I'm in the midst of making some major changes in my life.

I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings in the process...BUT I need to do this to get where I need to be in my life. I don't need anything or anyone that might hinder me. I am just sick and tired of hearing everyone whine and complain while they are being insufferable know-it-alls.

You're not perfect, and I know that I'm not. I'm just doing what GOD wants me to do.

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    This is my last entry. I no longer want to share my feelings on the internet. Cheers to not knowing about my personal life anymore.

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    Paranoia is hunting you and all these dirty looks They are right on cue You're full up to the brim with that 'he said she said' trash You exist…

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    I'm happier than I have ever been. Everything seems to be going right for me. Let's just hope that I am not jinxing myself.

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