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Did someone blow out the candle in here?

I can't believe how stupid that I have sounded.
To all of you, please forgive for I have sinned.

I'm remotely pissed due to the fact that a lot of people know about what has been going on. Fuck all of the gossipy bitches at Pepperell. I will kill all of you one day.

I am sick and tired of hearing everyone complain. It's like all I am in the world is someone to let out steam on. Don't get me wrong. I love listening to everyone's problems because I would like to help out my friends. It's just that whenever I need someone to talk to about something serious, there is no one there. If there is, I know that it won't be kept just between us so I suppose that I should just announce it all on a loud speaker for everyone to hear...It seems like it would be the quicker way.

So, from now on, none of you will ever have to hear about my problems. Well, at least in person because I am sick and tired of getting treated the way that I do when I try to confide in someone.

So much for having loyal friends.

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